Welcome to Gabriola Matters Discourse

This is a community discussion forum for all matters Gabriola. It’s for anyone who considers this home - who lives, works, owns, rents or has treaty rights on Gabriola Island.

In this forum, you can find posts on land use, housing, the eco-system, water, reconciliation, tourism, local economy, transportation… in short, anything that has systems-wide impact on Gabriola.

You could hang out here if you have questions, concerns, ideas or want to discuss anything related to Gabriola in a civil, kind, respectful manner.

We ask that you consider this place like a community park: there are few rules, but it helps if everyone is respectful and civil. Does your post add to our collective understanding?

This is a site hosted and lightly moderated (for now) by members of the Gabriola Housing Working Group, a community group that emerged from the Housing Advisory Planning Commission. Anyone is welcome to join this community and become a moderator. Just email info@gabriolahousingmatters.ca

Good morning, Gabriola! Spring is in the air…

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Hi Margy! Welcome!
Yes it is, I was just thinking the same thing this morning! :hatching_chick: :honeybee: :seedling: