Trees 4 Tomorrow Initiative

Trees 4 Tomorrow is a forest restoration project that kicked off on Hornby Island last year and is now planting thousands and thousands of trees on the islands of the Salish Sea – with the help of caring islanders like you!

Register your land to have drought and heat tolerant trees planted by experts, or make a donation to fund replanting efforts on clear-cut areas and yards that yearn to be forests again for only $2 per tree.

Tree cover protects soil and improves groundwater retention, critical factors in a climate crisis on these islands, and right now there is no better way to show your love for these places than restoring forests and working together to plant trees.

Register your land for this spring’s planting season (March to May) by emailing Trees 4 Tomorrow Gabriola Co-ordinator Simone Levesque (

And to make donations of trees and for more information, visit


This is exciting ! I have sent an email to see if my property can be included. I have thought about planting more trees on our property and now here is a program of people that know what they are doing, offering to help!

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Let us know how it goes Karen! Are they taking applications for any properties, or what is the criteria for inclusion? :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

This is very timely. I’d like to think about adapting it to provide a way for when property owners who have to remove trees but don’t have space to replant on their own property could ensure that trees are planted elsewhere.

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That’s a great idea, Dyan. I do wonder if that potential format could be abused however, like a carbon-offset purchase program, where property owners might be able to “offload” cutting of mature trees by purchasing trees to be planted… where? It could end up transferring rather than conferring responsibility. Same time, if there is a net gain of trees of responsibly managed forest on-island, that’s a win!

I wonder if they will be setting up a registry of interested property owners, or it’s a subscription account system. Does anyone know @Karen_Herle @ddfarley ?

GaLTT is just launching a new “Native Plant Depot” that is somewhat complementary to the T4T program. The idea is that people clearing land can call volunteers in to rescue native plants from the site before it’s bulldozed. The plants will then be housed at the Commons next to the Gertie parking lot where people can go help themselves. It is just in the very, very early stages, so you should hear more soon. (I am planning to donate about 2 dozen baby cedars growing up in my driveway.)

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