Reconciliation Report: Trust Council March 2021 Meeting

On the agenda of the annual “Big” Trust Council meeting at the start of the fiscal year, the 908-page agenda (oof!) included a Reconciliation Report: Islands Trust 2019 - 2021.

This is a significant document that will inform Trust policy and practices for the next decade. I hope that real action and engagement with First Nations is top of mind in every community, especially when it comes to land use planning, working with Nations that are (re)acquiring lands through Treaty settlements. I hope we come up with some decolonizing collaborative practices for the cultural, ecological and social ways of doing business and life here on Gabriola Island.

Here’s a link to the agenda package, the Reconciliation report starts on p. 341:

It’s really interesting reading what is being done in other Trust areas (and not being done)… Tobi