Intentional Communities on Gabriola?

Anyone interested in forming an intentional community on Gabriola Island, with multi-housing on shared land, with mixed regenerative agriculture purposes?

During the month of April there is a great group Planting Seeds For Intentional Communities who are actively learning about key principles and ways of setting up intentional communities, from someone who set up a successful 15-unit community on another Gulf Island, which is still running! I’m enrolled in the 4-class series, and it’s super exciting to think about the possibilities, and am wondering if there is anyone else interested in learning about/exploring the idea of an intentional community? Or who has been part of one and would share their experience?

I think an community that shares land with tiny houses/cob or other small dwellings, could be so practical and achievable on Gabriola. We are gathering resources and I’ll be posting some of them in this thread as we go.

PM me and let’s set up a group to discuss, there is so much to learn!