Hearing and heeding the grief of Indigenous peoples alienated from their lands

“Some of the greatest detriments to the wellbeing of our people are development, tourism, and colonial agriculture. Those are the most damaging industries for our land and people… We are seeing the repercussions of Indigenous peoples’ displacement from the land through [the droughts](Droughts on the horizon, if syilx values not upheld —IndigiNews](, the fires, and the climate crisis at large. We need to be able to continue ceremony work for the health of the land so that we are fulfilling our responsibilities to it and so that each person is taken care of. We need to be able to visit with our land so it can remember we are here to care for it, so it can provide what we need for our ceremony work.” from this Indiginews article, May 4th, 2022. Home is where the land knows my name