Gabriola Housing Matters Public Consultation: how did it go?

The public was made aware there would be a consultation about housing issues on Gabriola on November 4, 2019, with an event at the Haven called “Stories from Home”. Then the Housing Advisory Planning Commission went into a huddle to design the engagement activities, coming up with a schedule of face-to-face engagements, dinners, small groups, surveys and public forums. This plan was approved by LTC Trustees in Feb 2020.

Then, COVID hit, and all public meetings came to a standstill.

So, the public engagement that rolled out from Jan 20 - March 3 was limited to online and in the Sounder, with few opportunities to engage in dialogue.

Given the context, how do you think the group did? What could have been done better? What did they miss? Do you have any suggestions for a better framework, so the next Local Trust Area can benefit from this community’s experience?

Because it’s not the last time a community in the Islands Trust will be talking about housing, that’s for sure. What do you think?